Solitude – The Extended Revival

March 3, 2011

Solitude - The Revival
A while back, Christian Lindberg and I worked with Swedish hardcore/metal band Solitude and helped them with their identity and first album artwork along with some other things. I’m sure some of you already seen the cover and is now wondering why I’m writing about it again. The reason is simple! We put some of our old sketches and process and published it over at Behance. So feel free to head over there and have a look, comment if you like and tell us what you think.

Ricochet is coming
When I’m already talking about Solitude I can also tease about their new single “Ricochet” that will be released any time soon. Behind the design…? Yours truly together again with Christian. As soon as the band release it we will show you the process, the finished artwork and who knows, maybe even some bonus material!

Ideas late at night

December 28, 2010

It’s not unusual for me to go to bed dead tired late at night but still unable to sleep. I tend to think a lot when I’m trying to sleep, and this is the time when I most often come up with ideas and solutions for various projects. It’s a good thing I always keep a notebook close to my bed.

Last night was no different. After spending the evening doing some sketching on a logo for a new business, I didn’t feel things were progressing the way I wanted so I stopped and went to bed. While in bed, my head was still in work mode and ideas started popping up from out of nowhere, so I had no choice but to to turn on the lights and start drawing. And I’m glad I did! The scribbles I made look promising and I can’t wait to try develop them further later on today!

It’s nothing new, and I’m sure you heard it all before but it’s worth mentioning again. Always keep a pen and paper nearby, you never know when “that” great idea is going to stop by for a visit!

Great typography by Tom Davie

December 16, 2010

As a typography lover these came to me as a early x-mas present! Truly great work by talented Tom Davie. The blackletter is a photographed 3-D two-tone blackletter paper sculpture overlaid with an original graphite line drawing.

Illustrations by Anthony Ventura

June 14, 2010

Anthony Ventura

Anthony Ventura

I like this style of illustrations by Anthony Ventura. Keep it coming!

The Passenger & The Architect

June 11, 2010

I must say, this piece of work is great from start to finish. I love when a good concept make it all the way. Beautiful work by Justin Mezzell. You can see the whole project over at Behance.

WWF: We all Fall

June 4, 2010

WWF: We all fall

WWF: We all fall

I really digg this concept by WWF.

“If the tree falls, we all fall”

Creative directors: David Garcia, Aleix Bou. Via Ads of the World.

36 Strategems

March 5, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, Blanq does it again. I just love these fashion photos, so dark, mysterious and a bit suspicious…

Teaser: Get this or die

March 1, 2010

Get this or die - sneak peak

I’ve been spending some late nights working on this piece. I’m far from done but I’m getting there. The message might be kinda abstract, but when you see the whole picture (later on!) you will understand. I feel I’m in this world peace state of mind so I’m just rolling with it. To be continued…

Bill and Bob

February 23, 2010

Fantastic illustrations by Kai Spannuth. I’m amazed…

24 Xiao

February 22, 2010

24 Xiao

I just love this concept and art direction! Design by Blanq.