Lissie is catching a Tiger in Stockholm

March 28, 2011

Gig poster for Lissie in Stockholm
Less than a week ago, the very charming Lissie came to Stockholm for a visit with her band and had a fantastic show at Göta Källare. I made this poster inspired by her latest music video “Everywhere I go”. At first I had an idea with an elephant (as in the video) but decided to play along more with the title of her album “Catching a Tiger”, but staying true to the colours, atmosphere and feeling of her music and video. And instead of showing everything, I played around and I’ve hidden some things in the poster that you might not see unless you know it’s there.

You can see some more of my process over at Behance.

Fear the Unspeakable Viscera

January 22, 2010


Brianna Johnson from San Francisco have designed this great film festival branding. Love the concept! Take a deeper look into the project!

From Eskilstuna to Los Angeles

January 20, 2010

Swedish designer Marcell Bandicksson, now located in Los Angeles, has truly done some great work for the entertainment industry. In his portfolio you can find some nice work from concepts to finished art.