Solitude – Ricochet

April 4, 2011

Solitude - Ricochet
I’m proud and happy to announce the new artwork for Solitude’s new single “Ricochet” that I’ve been working on together with my friend Christian Lindberg. It’s the first single from their upcoming album that will be released later this year. And I can tell you, there’s been an itch in my fingers for quite some time now to show you guys this cover, but I promised not to publish anything until the single was released.

If you head over to my Behance you get to see some of our process and concept sketches up to the finished result. And don’t forget, if you like metal/hardcore music like I do, make sure you listen to Solitude!

Lissie is catching a Tiger in Stockholm

March 28, 2011

Gig poster for Lissie in Stockholm
Less than a week ago, the very charming Lissie came to Stockholm for a visit with her band and had a fantastic show at Göta Källare. I made this poster inspired by her latest music video “Everywhere I go”. At first I had an idea with an elephant (as in the video) but decided to play along more with the title of her album “Catching a Tiger”, but staying true to the colours, atmosphere and feeling of her music and video. And instead of showing everything, I played around and I’ve hidden some things in the poster that you might not see unless you know it’s there.

You can see some more of my process over at Behance.

Solitude – The Extended Revival

March 3, 2011

Solitude - The Revival
A while back, Christian Lindberg and I worked with Swedish hardcore/metal band Solitude and helped them with their identity and first album artwork along with some other things. I’m sure some of you already seen the cover and is now wondering why I’m writing about it again. The reason is simple! We put some of our old sketches and process and published it over at Behance. So feel free to head over there and have a look, comment if you like and tell us what you think.

Ricochet is coming
When I’m already talking about Solitude I can also tease about their new single “Ricochet” that will be released any time soon. Behind the design…? Yours truly together again with Christian. As soon as the band release it we will show you the process, the finished artwork and who knows, maybe even some bonus material!

Solitude – The Revival

July 2, 2010

A while ago, my good friend and talented designer Christian Lindberg and I got the chance to create the artwork and identity for the Swedish metal band Solitude. Not only that, we also did some posters for the release party, new t-shirts and the backdrop for the live shows. Many late hours, too many cups of coffee, some sweat and tears (of joy!), this is the result! And worth telling, my mom is so proud of me since I didn’t include a skull for once! In other words, next project probably will have at least two skulls.

Solitude album cover artwork

Radio Obligato gets a new look

June 20, 2010

Radio Obligato new logo

A while ago I helped Radio Obligato with their new identity. Radio Obligato is a kind of independent record label slash party fixer that focuses on vinyl records, tasteful Spotify playlists & events. Above you can see the old and new logo. I’m currently working on a design for a brand new website. Stay tuned for some more rock n’ roll!

My strange valentine

February 18, 2010

My Strange Valentine

I just love this poster by Nathan Goldman. Great work indeed!

From Tales to Reality

January 25, 2010

I just found Mathieu Schatzlers portfolio and I’m very happy I did! He has a good eye for details and some really interesting concepts. Go have a look!

Cool posters by Rhys Cooper

January 21, 2010

Rhys Cooper from Australia has a bunch of really nice posters over at Go have a look!

A stroke as gentle as a feather

January 18, 2010

A stroke as gentle as a feather

Darren Newman from Manchester, England, created this beautiful piece of art. It’s drawn by hand and made for the Wooden Toy Quarterly (7th edition – the “Music” issue). It aims to document each artists personal views on the importance of music ‘vs’ influence and inspiration. The song illustrated here is from the soundtrack to the 1973 original film “The Wicker Man”, the song title is “Willow’s Song” and the line “A stroke as gentle as a feather”.