Karey – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

March 2, 2011

Wonderful design made by Moruba. Don’t know what it is but a simple bottle with nice typography always make very happy.

Nice packaging for Vino Fino

January 4, 2011

I just love this very simple and elegant design for Vino Fino by Belancio. Belancio also have some other great work in their portfolio worth checking out.

Liquor Beirão Premium

August 24, 2010

This great design for Liquor Beirão Premium is a limited edition of only 1000 units (a great collector’s item!). The liquor is one of the most popular and traditional brands in Portugal and this proposal comes from the desire of surprising the market. NTGJ is behind the design.


May 20, 2010

Predators 2010 poster

I’ve always been a fan of the fantastic character and the first two movies, but with this new movie “Predators” I have my doubts (even though I hope for the best)! Anyway, I do love this teaser poster for the movie. It’s dark, it’s simple and it has my favorite monster on it!