Monsters – another ruined movie poster

March 12, 2011

Since I was a little kid I’ve always been a huge movie fan. I used to have a big collection of VHS and loved walking along in the big movie stores looking at the covers, trying to find the coolest one. This was even before I started out as a designer (or knowing I would work as one). The best part of the day would be finding a special edition of my favorite movie or maybe the UK version (that used to have a different artwork than the Swedish one).

The ugly version of Monsters movie coverAbout a year ago, I first saw the teaser poster for the movie “Monsters” and was really curious of what kind of movie it was. The poster was a bit different and not the typical hollywood “lets-show-all-the-faces-of-the-cool-main-actors-so-we-sell-more” kind of poster but a very simple but strong one. And it got stuck in my head. Later on I saw the trailer for the movie and I was really appealed by the feeling and atmosphere. It didn’t feel like the normal monster movie. And since we have been drained by remakes and sequels it’s a refreshing sight to be able to see something new.

I’m not gonna go in and talk further about the movie other than I felt that the teaser for it felt right. It had the atmosphere and feeling of the movie all over it. And I find that very rare. So when I now had a peek on the swedish release of the DVD and Blu-ray, it was like ripping my designers heart right out of my chest. They went back to the more “classical” poster and showing another expectation of the movie that is (in my mind) totally wrong.

The teaser had it all and is executed so well! Then this new version shows up and is a perfect example of how to ruin great work. To summarize it – it sucks! And I refuse to buy the DVD now until I find a version that has the “real” artwork (shown here below).
The Great teaser for the movie Monsters (2010)
Beautiful. It’s not only a good artwork with nice handwritten type -it also speaks the language from the movie. The way posters and promotional material should be made.

A little teaser

January 23, 2011

I’ve got the opportunity to help a new company with their brand and identity from scratch. It’s very exciting and I’m having a very good and close relation with the client, who has approved me showing some process and progress of the project here on my blog.

This is just a teaser of some typography I’ve been working on, and I’m gonna continue to publish some rough sketches along with the moodboard, some trial and errors etc, until it’s finished and official. So stay tuned!

Waiting for forever teaser

January 11, 2011

Waiting for forever teaser posterI don’t react so often to movie posters anymore due to the fact that 98% of them all look the same, and are plain boring. They might be technical awesome, but still use the same face pose of the lead actors over and over again. But now and then “they” release a teaser that in my mind is so much better than the official poster.

In this case it’s the teaser for the upcoming flick “Waiting for forever” that I stumbled across . It’s simple, it has a nice illustrative style and you get a good sense of what kind of movie it is. In my eyes this kind of artwork is far more interesting than the majority of movie posters out there today.

Teaser: Get this or die

March 1, 2010

Get this or die - sneak peak

I’ve been spending some late nights working on this piece. I’m far from done but I’m getting there. The message might be kinda abstract, but when you see the whole picture (later on!) you will understand. I feel I’m in this world peace state of mind so I’m just rolling with it. To be continued…

Things to come

February 23, 2010

It’s been a very busy month. The goal has been to publish something inspiring (for me at least!) on a regular basis, and lately that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been renovating my kitchen and that took a lot more of my time than planned, but I’m pretty much finished now so I will be able to do some more “real” creative work.

I’ve also been working on the new album for a Swedish band called Solitude together with Christian Lindberg, and we are about to wrap things up. I’m very excited about this release and I can’t wait to show you guys the result!