The Evil Dead 30th Anniversary

March 19, 2011

Evil Dead 30th Anniversary
It’s been 30 years since it first hit the theatres and it was probably the most scary movie I’ve seen as a teen. And to celebrate that I decided to make a tribute to Sam Raimi, and my personal favorite Bruce Campbell, for their classic horror movie Evil Dead with this poster. I did a different approach than the original but used elements and details from the movie to create this abstract dark theme.

I have posted the whole process over at Behance so if you want to see some of the sketches and early process, have a look!

Karey – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

March 2, 2011

Wonderful design made by Moruba. Don’t know what it is but a simple bottle with nice typography always make very happy.

Lucha Girl & Lady Killer Tees

February 13, 2011

I’m not sure if these two t-shirts were just released or not, but I had to write something about them. Usually when I see clothing from Affliction there is pretty much always a skull or wings or something of that kind, and I guess that’s why I like these two even more. Two hot girls and nice typography. I couldn’t ask for more!

A little teaser

January 23, 2011

I’ve got the opportunity to help a new company with their brand and identity from scratch. It’s very exciting and I’m having a very good and close relation with the client, who has approved me showing some process and progress of the project here on my blog.

This is just a teaser of some typography I’ve been working on, and I’m gonna continue to publish some rough sketches along with the moodboard, some trial and errors etc, until it’s finished and official. So stay tuned!

Nice packaging for Vino Fino

January 4, 2011

I just love this very simple and elegant design for Vino Fino by Belancio. Belancio also have some other great work in their portfolio worth checking out.

Less is more. Really!

December 26, 2010

The new year is getting close and I thought it was time to do some changes for my blog. After some evaluation I decided to change the structure a bit as well as make the design a bit lighter and brighter with bigger typography. There might be some minor bugs (probably with IE) so please be patient and if you experience something strange, don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

I hope you enjoy the new and fresh start of Encina Creative!

Great typography by Tom Davie

December 16, 2010

As a typography lover these came to me as a early x-mas present! Truly great work by talented Tom Davie. The blackletter is a photographed 3-D two-tone blackletter paper sculpture overlaid with an original graphite line drawing.

Limited Edition

November 2, 2010

I just wrapped up the design for a Limited Edition wine packaging and I’m pretty happy with the result! I spent quite some time on the type treatments trying to make it similar to the wine bottles I designed previous, but at the same time a bit different. You can see the result here below!

Limited Edition 2010 Wine Packaging

Limited Edition 2010 Wine Packaging

Urban Influence Holiday Promo 09

June 12, 2010

Since I’m a big fan of wine and a sucker for great packaging, it would be a fatal mistake not to mention this one! Credit goes to Seattle-based Urban Influence.

Heavy Metal Typography

June 2, 2010

Heavy Metal Typography

Heavy Metal Typography

The latest edition of Slanted magazine dives into the world of blackletter fonts and how they are used today. Since I don’t understand german I can’t tell you what they say, but there are some nice photos available from the magazine. Have a look!